How We Help

Early Stage Food Companies

Let us help. We offer initial free growth consultations! Contact us to learn more.

Leading a fast growing start-up or early stage food company is an exceptionally difficult task. Make changes too quickly and the company can spin out of control. Over structure and micromanage and the company can stagnate or fail to keep up with customer needs. We help you understand all the options you have at every stage of your growth to help you make the best decision. 

We will work closely with a small select group of food company leaders. We will be there to support the development of your growth strategy and its execution. We will also help tackle any unexpected developments as your company grows. We are not consultants who work on a single project and leave. We directly support you as a leader in ensuring that you have the benefit of our experience as you make the tough decisions for your company throughout your growth plan.

We have a number of subject matter experts we can call on to help in specific situations. These individuals are experts in finance, systems, logistics, purchasing, organization development, engineering, quality, and marketing. We work closely with you to ensure the most cost-effective use of outside expertise. 

Most importantly, since we know the importance of cash in a growing business, we have developed a unique fee structure โ€“ New Food Strategies will profit only from the value we help create, through fees tailored to each situation.

We also do an extensive assessment of your company and its growth options before reaching a final agreement. Because of our unique approach to both providing and charging for our services, we must be highly selective in whom we decide to work with. We are not looking for a quick transaction. We want to be your advisor and partner in the long-term growth of your business.

Small to Mid Size Food Companies

We offer initial free growth consultations! Apply here to see if you qualify!

Have your sales stagnated? Are you looking to exit or are you nearing full capacity and need to know whatโ€™s next?

New Food Strategies works with companies who need a rethinking of their growth strategy, a more efficient or effective new product commercialization process, or the next phase in production capacity.

We work with your current staff to both develop a growth strategy for the future and to install a Stage-Gate project management process that ensures great results.

At Little Lady Foods, we built or expanded four different production facilities. Doing this right requires a high degree of integration between plant design and organizational capacity. New Food Strategies, along with its subject matter experts, can help mid-size food companies successfully expand capacity by:

           ๐Ÿƒ Optimizing current production in an existing facility
           ๐Ÿƒ Supporting the location and design of the next facility
           ๐Ÿƒ Helping plan the start-up and staffing of a new facility

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