GeekWire Article: Stop being a founder, and start being a CEO

The article Stop Being a Founder, and Start Being a CEO by Marc Barros on GeekWire reminded me of my own experience in many ways – how tough it is to make the transition from Founder to CEO.

I have had the experience of building a food company from start-up to over $250m in annual sales with 1000 employees. During those years, I traveled the road of the transition from Founder/Leader to CEO. I confronted my own limitations and voluntarily stepped down, experienced a failed transition to an experienced CEO, came back in to try and right the ship with only limited success.

Marc’s article outlines some of the actions that can help Founders make the transition to CEO, including:

Defining Your Role: Make the decision to shift from Founder to CEO and make it clear to your co-founders and employees what the new role will require from you and them.

Asking For Help From Mentors: Outside help from other CEOs or an executive coach can help provide another perspective and outlet for you.

Working On The Business, Not In The Business: Your role will shift from doing to leading, which means giving up the “do it all” requirements of being a Founder.

Listening For Feedback: In order to get direct feedback, you need to ask and set up processes by which to solicit input.

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