Cotton Is a Fruit & Prepare for Gen Z

September 2016

New Food Strategies just celebrated an anniversary! Two years ago, I made a commitment to put my 30 years of food industry expertise to work helping leaders of startup to mid-size food companies make the best decisions to support their growth. I discovered that these leaders have access to extensive resources in marketing and finance but very few to help an organization scale to meet a market opportunity.  New Food Strategies fills that gap.

Recent projects have focused on three main areas of support:

  • Accessing my broad network of subject matter experts (QA, plant design, etc.)
  • Ideating and commercializing new, on-trend products
  • Supporting leadership in building a high growth organization

After two years, I’m confident in our solid and diverse client base, the results we’re generating for them and progress toward our own goals. The traditional gift to mark a second anniversary is cotton, which is, interestingly enough, a fruit! (A surprise even to a food industry veteran!) Though, I wouldn’t recommend eating it.

Here’s another interesting fact:  Generation Z is expected to become the “fastest growing generation in the marketplace and workforce within the next five years,” according to Many find it difficult to relate to the younger generations, but when they’re included in your target market—and their numbers are growing—you need to know who they are and what drives their decisions.

Having been around long enough to see a number of generations come of age, a couple of observations come to mind.  First and foremost, the main aspirations of each generation are virtually identical.  Raising a family, securing a meaningful job and making time to pursue individual goals all top the list.  Differences arise in the unique economic, political and technological environments in which each generation is raised.

I hope you’ll take a moment to read about Generation Z in the two articles referenced below and share your thoughts with me. It’s a new world out there, and we’re going to need NEW FOOD STRATEGIES!

From The New Hope Network: Meet Generation Z: A price-conscious group that seeks personal interactions at retail

From Are you ready for Gen Z?

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