Top 10 Takeaways from Bolder Innovation Forum 14

The Bolder Innovation Forum is a two-day event hosted by Sterling-Rice Group that brings together thought leaders from diverse fields to explore innovation for game-changing growth. The event features a range of talks organized around four main topics:

  • Igniting Innovation: How to apply leading-edge practices to creating the right culture and applying creativity in your company
  • Inspiring Impact: Stories and case studies from entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior executives that detail the successes and failures of their bold actions
  • Sparking Motivation: Understanding consumers and how to drive change in behavior
  • Imagining Tomorrow: Discover today’s happenings that will create the opportunities of tomorrow

The #10 takeaway features insights from Steve Hughes, co-founder of Bolder Brands. Steve gave a provocative presentation on the future of the food industry. He made a compelling case that while it was built by and for baby boomers, millennials will turn that model upside-down.

Read on for more of the Top 10 Takeaways from this inspiring event.

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