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Strategies for Increasing Food Processing Capacity

For many growing food companies that process their own products, deciding when and how to expand processing capacity are among the most critical decisions they will ever make. Wait too long and risk missing growth opportunities or causing service issues with current customers. Move too quickly and without adequate planning and put the entire company at risk. Continue reading

Venture Capital Increases Risk for Founders

Venture Capital money can be very enticing – a tool to help founders quickly scale and achieve their wildest dreams – but it can also limit founder’s choices and increase risk.

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Cotton Is a Fruit & Prepare for Gen Z

September 2016

New Food Strategies just celebrated an anniversary! Two years ago, I made a commitment to put my 30 years of food industry expertise to work helping leaders of startup to mid-size food companies make the best decisions to support their growth. I discovered that these leaders have access to extensive resources in marketing and finance but very few to help an organization scale to meet a market opportunity.  New Food Strategies fills that gap. Continue reading

GeekWire Article: Stop being a founder, and start being a CEO

The article Stop Being a Founder, and Start Being a CEO by Marc Barros on GeekWire reminded me of my own experience in many ways – how tough it is to make the transition from Founder to CEO.

I have had the experience of building a food company from start-up to over $250m in annual sales with 1000 employees. During those years, I traveled the road of the transition from Founder/Leader to CEO. I confronted my own limitations and voluntarily stepped down, experienced a failed transition to an experienced CEO, came back in to try and right the ship with only limited success. Continue reading